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CAE Tools on All Projects

  • Proficient in CAE Tools
  • Want to be able to automate more
  • Custom scripts and templates
  • Possibly time-savings of 60-80%

CAE Tools on Some Projects

  • Using it like AutoCAD
  • Know that it can save time and effort
  • Need help creating templates/macros
  • Help needed!

CAE Tools on No Projects

  • Clients require projects created with CAE tool
  • Don’t have the time to learn it
  • Just need certain pieces in specific format

Project Example

Requirement:  Customer ABC wants to produce schematics faster and with fewer errors.

Solution:  CAE Pros creates Customer ABC a custom API Script.  This API Script generates 80% of their schematics in about 30-40 seconds with just one click of a button.



of Schematics Generated

Benefits of our Services

Working with CAE Professionals, in whichever stage you are in, will assist you in addressing the challenges you are facing in your strategy and increase opportunities in your market. With the 45+ years of CAE engineering experience, our team will be able to:

  • Increase Your Productivity
  • Increase Your Efficiency
  • Automate Your Processes
  • And much more…

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